Contact Information


Invisible Things Lab can be contacted via email: contact[at]invisiblethingslab[dot]com

All ITL members can be contacted individually: use [email protected]

Speaking requests for Joanna Rutkowska: please refer to this page first.

Please note that ITL, as many other companies, use commercial Mail Service Provider (MSP) for its email hosting. This means that all email messages are traversing through a 3rd party mail server unencrypted (even if SSL/TLS is used to transfer messages between servers). The MSP thus has, by definition, unrestricted access to any unencrypted email message send to/from ITL. This means that all unencrypted email messages should be treated as if read by 3rd parties. Please use encryption when sending sensitive information to ITL (see our PGP key below). ITL cannot be held responsible for any potential leak of information that have been sent to ITL via unencrypted email.

The PGP key for email encryption can be found here.

In order to exclude the possibility of Man-In-The-Middle attacks, you are encouraged to verify the fingerprint of this key before using it. This can be done either by phone or by looking at the back of our business cards. This website cannot be trusted for key verification.