Joanna Rutkowska, Founder/CEO

Joanna Rutkowska leads a team of researchers who focus on system-level security. This includes kernel, hypervisor, chipset and CPU security issues. The recent achievements of the team include: bypassing Intel TXT, attacks on SMM, Intel AMT and BIOS, and demonstration of practical Xen hypervisor compromises. She is also known for writing Blue Pill -- the first virtualization-based rootkit with nested hypervisors support, and also for her work on various kernel mode malware for Windows and Linux. Joanna holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology.

Based: Warsaw, Poland; blog; contact: [email protected], pgp key;

Alexander Tereshkin, Principal Researcher (Emeritus)

Alexander Tereshkin is an experienced reverse engineer and an expert into Windows® kernel and hardware virtualization, specializing in rootkit technology and kernel exploitation. He is known for his research on sophisticated ideas for novel rootkit creation and personal firewall bypassing in the past years. Recently he has done significant work in the field of virtualization based malware and Microsoft® Vista™ kernel security. He is a co-author of "Understanding Stealth Malware" course. Alex holds the Russian equivalent of a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics, and also the Russian equivalent of a PhD degree in Information Security from Taganrog State University Of Radioengineering (Southern Federal University).

Alex worked for ITL for 3 years, since the very beginning, and quit in 2010.

Research & Development Team

About the company

Invisible Things Lab focuses on cutting-edge research in computer system security. We are well known for our pioneering research in the areas of kernel security, virtualization security and system/firmware level security. Our work has been widely quoted by international press and the members of our team often speak at industry conferences around the world. The unique skills of our team allow us to analyze complex new technologies and point out design- and implementation-level security flaws and recommend how to fix them, before the "bad guys" can exploit them.

Rafal Wojtczuk, Principal Researcher

Rafal Wojtczuk specializes primarily in kernel and virtualization security. Over the years he has disclosed many security vulnerabilities in popular operating system kernels (Linux®, SELinux, *BSD, Windows™), virtualization software (Xen®, VMWare® and Microsoft® virtualization products), and low-level system technologies (Intel TXT, Intel AMT, Intel BIOS). He is also well known for his articles on advanced exploitation techniques, including novel methods for exploiting buffer overflows in partially randomized address space environments. Rafal holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Warsaw.

Based: Warsaw, Poland; contact: [email protected], pgp key.

Past Notable Members of ITL R&D Team

Marek Marczykowski, Senior System Developer

Marek is an experienced system architect and Linux administrator. He specializes in security, virtualization and high availability. He has designed many security-oriented systems based on various different technologies - from simple passwords and keys through OTP to advanced multi-factor solutions based on tokens, cryptographic cards and biometrics. He also has accomplishments in the field of attacks on contactless cryptographic cards. His work as an active open-source contributor can be found in projects like Linux kernel, Linux-HA, Xen, and, of course, Qubes OS. Marek holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Warsaw.

Based: Warsaw, Poland; contact: [email protected], pgp key;